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Agri-Food Pilot

About the pilot

The Agri-Food Pilot helps address the labour needs of the Canadian agri-food sector.

The pilot provides a pathway to permanent residence for experienced, non-seasonal workers in specific industries and occupations. It will run until May 2023.

About the process

To apply for permanent residence under the Agri-Food Pilot, you need

  • eligible Canadian work experience in one or more of the eligible industries and occupations

  • a full-time, non-seasonal job offer from a Canadian employer in one of the eligible industries and occupations (outside of Quebec)

  • to meet or exceed the language requirements

  • to meet or exceed the educational requirements

  • to have settlement funds (if applicable)

  • to maintain temporary resident status (if already in Canada)


Work experience

You must have eligible Canadian work experience.

Your Canadian work experience must be

  • a minimum of 1 year of non-seasonal, full-time work in the past 3 years (at least 1,560 hours)

  • in 1 or more of the eligible occupations listed under 1 of the eligible industries

  • through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

    • A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) with a minimum 12-month duration must have been submitted by your employer when hiring you. If you’re not sure, you can ask your former or current employer about the duration.

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